San Marino Club Website

San Marino Club Website Mock-up

The San Marino Club hadn’t made any changes to it’s online presence in nearly 20 years, and it showed. Their previous website had over 40 total pages and was extremely difficult to navigate. Users had actually voiced their frustration with site, and some even stated that it deterred them from wanting to book The San Marino Club. MakeMedia was charged with the task of completely recreating The San Marino Club’s image. This included providing a logo redesign, new images for the website, and, of course, a new website build. What was previously spanned over a convoluted 40 pages was boiled down to a concise and modest six page website. MakeMedia photographed various events held at the client’s banquet hall and provided over 90% of the photography displayed on the website while working with other event photographers to procure the rest of the images needed. Post launch, The San Marino Club’s web traffic increased by over 30%, and the client says they have received a great deal of compliments regrading the re-branded look and easier to use site. Click here to see the logo creation process for this project.

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